Umbrella is a multi-award winning film studio based in New York and Budapest with a global roster of satisfied clients. Since launching in 2004, Umbrella has become a worldwide collective of 50+ artists.  

Our philosophy is simple: connect with your audience through compelling, visual storytelling that’s beyond the expected. We’re a studio, but not a team of jack-of-all-trades. Instead, we’re a collective integrated specialists who work with clients in making their ideas come to life, from inception to the very last frame, every step along the way. The kind of people who listen, and see the possibilities. 

Umbrella is an internationally recognized production, animation and post-production company with 10-plus years of experience in the creative industry. Umbrella offers design, creative concepting, live-action shoots, animation (analog and digital), high-end editing and VFX/CG work for feature films, TV shows and commercials. We passionately embrace vintage/analog techniques and reinventing them in combination with modern, state of the art digital techniques and technologies. 

Our Budapest HQ is located in the heart of Europe, where the hot shots of the film making industry are still affordable.

Collaboration is at the heart of our culture. A process that inspires innovation and encourages risk. One that meets deadlines and budgets, yet still allows for exploring the limits of our imaginations. A group of individuals who challenge and push one another to greatness, yet have a synergy – a multitude of hearts, beating as one. All for you and your project. 

That’s our story. Let us tell yours.