Ersin Cilesiz is born in July 1986 in Munich, he is the Son of a Turkish Guest worker family. He studied Film Directing in the University for Television and Film in Munich. 

After a long period of working in the TV Business he realized that his dreams are bigger than TV can provide. He decided to applicate at the University. Although he didn’t had the qualifications to Study the University, he managed to get a Place in the 15th best film School in the World. 

Since then he realized a number of Short films, which are honored in the German “Hofer Film festival”. 

Ersin is a passionated man, always in search for new challenges. He learned that giving up is not an Option in his live. 

He worked National and International for different Brands like “Uhlala Beachwear” (Shoot in Mexico) or the Ukrainian Liquor Company “MARENGO” (Shoot in Kiev) 

Right now he is working on his first Feature Film, as romantic as he is, it is of course a Love story, which Preproduction will start in the Summer 2016. 

Ersin has the soul of a Vagabond, his big Love is travelling. He loves Cultures and exotic places, like the Burningmanfestival, the Andes or diving with Sharks in Ecuador or just hiking in the Mountains of Cambodia. It is easy to make him Happy – all he needs is a Camera, a foreign place and his Ipod. In Summer 2015 he opens his first Photo Exhibition where he shows his Experiences from his last two months long trip in south America.