The commercials and branded films directed by Copenhagen-born Mathias Hovgaard hook viewers every time with the element of surprise, owing much to his organic approach to storytelling. His work displays a strong sense of simplicity and innovation, blending visual techniques with comedy and dialogue to original and compelling ends. He burst on to the international directing scene with his 2008 Cannes YDA-nominated Lada Jump commercial, in which a Lada jumps a steep cliff and narrowly misses flipping over before righting itself at the bottom. The real-life car moves are amazingly identical to matchbox cars and a perfect lead in to the ad tag line, "Never Stop Playing"

More recently, Mathias directed Ford Sumo which puts a new twist on the funny juxtaposition of a compact car and a giant person through leisurely action and understated performance, while driving home the value of Ford door guards. His Demolition for Denmark Association for International Cooperation punks a suburban neighborhood when a construction crew very convincingly readies to demolish their homes to clear space for a new water reservoir. The irate residents represent people in Africa who are robbed of their land every day. Demolition is outrageous and devastating at the same time. Mathias has also directed commercials and content for Febreze, Captain Morgan, T-Mobile and Doritos, to note just a few brands.

Mathias began his career as a filmmaker directing shorts, which made the rounds of prestigious European festivals. He attended the European Film College and University of Copenhagen where he earned a Master Degree in Film.