Born 1991 in Istanbul, Turkey and lived in Spain for a few years, now living in Germany. Emircan’s international work and life experience formed the cornerstones of his visual perspective. 

During his architectural education, he made films for Vogue magazine. He then continued to make films for major brands such as Esprit, Mavi, and Head & Shoulders. 

His hands-on work experience made him a director who has mastered all the details of a film. Not only is he a good storyteller, but he is also a talented director who can convey the story most astonishingly.  

Emircan Soksan has been recognized as a talented young director in such a short time of his career. From fashion films to TV commercials, Emircan’s path intersected with many different creative industries. 

Now he continues to develop his international creative network day by day and keeps on directing films for major well-known brands.