Born in 1984. He has an ultimate passion for life, music and future.
Graduated from IUE / Media and Communication in 2010. In earlier, he worked as an art director in several local agencies. His designing craft was specifically focused on poster design and desktop publishing. After graphic design adventure, he started his directing career with music videos. Following this, he shot his debut film Urbanbugs in 2010 and took a concrete step to professional filmmaking. Urbanbugs, won several prestigious awards from various festivals, all around the world.
After that, he directed over one hundered television documentaries and currently he is working as a commercial film director. Besides pioneer local Turkish trademarks, he is also working for global brands like, Fiat, L’oreal, Huawei, Sunexpress Airlines, Careem, QNB both in Turkey and Middle-East Market. Whether it is drama, comedy, or something alternative, Aykut’s stunning level of cinematic and musical perspective, brings him a distinctive approach.
In addition to directing, he lectures Visual Composition and Cinematography courses at Bahcesehir University Istanbul since 2015.