Santiago Zannou is a writer and director (Madrid). 

He studied Cinematography in Barcelona,

in the Cinematographic Centre of Studies (CECC)

where he directed many short movies, 

among them “Cara Sucia”, nominated for the Goya in Best Short film.

After finishing his studies he started directing music videos.

His first feature film, “El Truco del Manco” (2008) won three Goyas.

In 2009 he directed the documentary “El Alma de la Roja”, 

to celebrate the centenary of the Spanish Football Federation.

In November 2011 he shot the documentary “La Puerta de no Retorno”.

His last feature film, “Scorpion in Love”, 

featuring Javier Bardem, is the adaptation of the novel written 

by Carlos Bardem and was nominated for four Goyas.

In 2017 he appeared in the Gunn Report as 

7th Most Award-Winning Director.

His last spot for the Spanish National Lottery 

was awarded a Silver at Cannes Lions.

Santiago teaches Cinematography, Direction, and Acting.