Daniel Benmayor was born in Barcelona. He studied film directing, scriptwriting and advertising in Barcelona before moving to New York, where, in 1994, he completed a film degree at New York University. From there he became a first assistant director for international directors such as Isabel Coixet, Sergi Capellas, Charlie Stebbings, and Siraj Javery.

Daniel has worked for clients such as Sony Ericsson, Mini, Playstation, Fanta, Mercedes, Nissan, Renault, Vodafone, Orange, Samsung, Repsol, Damm, Lotus.

Daniel has made two feature films: Paintball in 2009, which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival and was distributed internationally. Bruc in 2010, based on a Catalan legend set during the Spanish/French War. The film was screened at the London Film Festival and the Moscow Film Festival, among others. Up next is Tracers, currently in post production and due for release in 2014, starring Taylor Lautner as a New York City bike messenger who escapes into the world of parkour.

And here’s some trivia: He likes his daughter, his iPod, any technical gadgets, German sausages, and Barcelona but doesn’t like to travel without his PSP.