Aurelia and Paweł are the creative duo Frydrych&Zdanowski. 

She studied Photography at the University of Arts in Poznań and Biology at the Adam Mickiewicz University, and he gained directing skills at AFIT and London Film School. Both of them graduated from Wajda School.

In 2016 they received a distinction in the Papaya Young Directors competition and since then they have been creating advertisements for the biggest brands in Poland and in the world.

They are most interested in scripts written by life. They started their cooperation with documentaries about Africa's largest slum - "Stories from Kiber's Radio", broadcast, among others, on Planete. They also create original content for National Geographic and BBC. 

They have made a short feature film "Headshot" shown at dozens of festivals on six continents and "My Big Brother", which has just brought the first statuette from Finland.

An important part of their work are projects from the borderlands of art, science and ecology. The series of conceptual landscapes "Marriage" received an award in the "Photosensitive country" competition. The dystopian vision of the future presented in "Technoflora", in turn, opened their way to foreign galleries. "Retirement: there's a tree, it's nice" conquered the TIFF 2016, and in 2019 it opened the Biennale at the National Museum of Photography in Riga, and from 2020 it travels around Asia, starting with Chiang Mai in Thailand. 

Their series of branded content for "Demant" received the 2017 Grand Prix at the World Media Festival in Hamburg for "World of Silence", and a year later 5 statuettes at various festivals for its continuation "World of Sounds".

They are currently working on a full-length documentary about Polish teenagers and a comic book about their beloved dog - Kropka.