Kayhan is a director that likes diferent types of audiovisual formats. Rather doing commercials, music clips, TV shows, fashion videos or fiction. He has a turkish father and a brazilian mother, Kayhan is graduated in visual arts for PUC-Rio and studies directing in Tisch School of Arts in NY. He worked for Osklen and Om.Arts producing their parade vídeos and fashion campaings. His film "Slow Mo' Keep Together" received an amount of rewards in the Nokia Minute Festival in 2009, and in 2011 Kayhan won his first MTV Video Music Brasil Awards with the clip "Me Sara" from the group Banda Tono. In 2012 he began his carrer directing comercials where soon after he directed the national campaing lauching Budweiser in Brazil with the UFC fighter and star, Anderson Silva. Some other clients are TV Globo and Coca-Cola Zero, trough he made the national campaing named "Nome da Latinha". At the moment for TV, Kayhan directs the show "Música na Mochila", from Bis channel. The show explores the distinct sounds of the world abroad. Recently Kayhan directed a clip for the band P9 trough the Sony Music label. The clip's premiere broked the national record of views in the website Vevo Brasil and already has nearly 2 million views on Youtube