Born March 28, 1968 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Lived in Norway, The US, Spain and The Czech Republic since then. Currently lives in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Educated in Iceland and in the US.

Love to do things: Family, film, still photography, dogs, classic brit motorcycles, rock & roll, scuba diving, classic Land Rovers and all pretty “things” the world has to offer.

Prior to his commercial directing carrier he has done various jobs in the film business. Started at the age of 16 by sweeping the studio floor in school breaks. Worked his way up to editing, producing, cinematography, and gradually directing commercials.

During his production years he’s worked with many of the best directors in the world, which had a great influence to his work.

Done various personal projects at the same time (documentaries, music videos, short film). Worked as a runner, producer and editor prior to 1999.

Represented by various production companies depending on markets.

Started to direct internationally in the year 2000 in various markets around the world.

Various awards in Iceland

London Advertising Awards nomination (2003)

EPICA Pyramid Winner (2003 – Automobile and tire) in Sweden

Silver in Moscow advertising festival

Various nominations and awards around Europe and in the US.